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What annoys you the most about League of Legends?

Started by alejandroma, 07-08-2019

What annoys you the most about League of Legends?
  07-08-2019, 09:40 PM
Having played League for just over 4 years, here are some of my annoyances about the game:

[Image: main-qimg-bf565f835207fc09956b5c7b2acb8ab5]

Too many players have a “Victim Mentality.”

They blame everyone but themselves. If they died, it’s someone else’s fault.
If they get ganked, it’s their jungler’s fault. They play the role as the victim, and no one blames the victim.

The lack of responsibility that players take for their in-game mistakes is a very unhealthy and frustrating part of the game.
Riot Games has a history of introducing a new (albeit cool) champion skin, only to nerf the champion for that skin soon after.

And yes, this is quite intentional. Why? Because Riot is still a company and needs money to operate and pay their employees. It doesn’t make business sense to nerf a champion and then launch a cool skin for them - they just wouldn’t sell as much.

By introducing a cool skin first, Riot can sell a bunch of skins before nerfing the champion.

Example: As of May 2017, Riot recently introduced Pulsefire Caitlyn, which I think is one of their most well-made skins to date. Guess who’s getting nerfed soon?
Players blaming “Elo hell” for being stuck at a certain rank.

The mythical land of Elo hell does not exist. It is simply an excuse for players to deflect responsibility for being precisely at the rank that they deserve to be at.

High elo players know this. You will hardly ever see high elo players complain about elo hell. They have more important things to do, such as polishing their strengths, taking notes of their mistakes, and improving their game play.

Lower elo players use the elo hell excuse more than they should. After all, it’s easy to deflect blame to something out of our control. Unfortunately, they won’t climb the ranked ladder until they change their mindset from being self-absorbed to being self-critical.

Only by being honest with yourself and proactively addressing and fixing your mistakes can you improve rapidly as a player and climb the ladder.

If you play like a Silver 5 player, you will find your way up, or down, to Silver 5.

If you play like a Diamond 5 player, you will find your way up, or down, to Diamond 5.

Focus on improving your play, and you will be placed where you belong.
Don’t focus on other people’s mistakes. Focus on your own - what could you have done better to carry the game?

You are not entitled to any rank. You earn your rank.

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